Couples Therapy: Does It Really Work?

Therapist and patient in an individual therapy session

Many couples turn to therapy to help them work on their issues and see great success, but others may be resisting because of their reservations about whether or not couples therapy works. In fact, it’s very common to be skeptical or unsure about couples therapy.

Below, we’ll discuss whether or not couples therapy actually helps relationships improve.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed to help romantic couples strengthen their relationships, minimize conflict, and improve communication. This type of therapy can help couples address a wide range of issues, including – but not limited to – substance abuse, mental health problems, communication issues, frequent or intense conflict, infidelity, infertility issues, parenting conflicts, life transitions, sexual difficulties, financial challenges, and more.

More short-term than individual counseling, couples therapy focuses on specific problems that affect relationships and equip both partners with tools that can help them overcome challenges together in the future.

What Happens During A Therapy Session?

A couples therapy session will usually involve both partners and the therapist (typically a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), but one partner has the option to go to couples therapy on their own if their partner doesn’t agree to participate.

During the first session, the therapist will ask each partner questions about their relationship to gain an understanding of both perspectives. Then, they will all discuss the issues that brought the couple to counseling and will outline the mutual goals they both hope to achieve. Following sessions will involve strategies and exercises to help the couple improve their relationship.

The therapist may give the couple “homework” to practice outside of sessions. This homework will include activities to help couples improve their problem-solving skills and learn how to discuss their differences with one another more effectively.

Does Couples Therapy Actually Work?

According to a study by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, it can help improve many areas of a relationship. Couples therapy has been proven to help couples identify relationship issues, understand each other better, solve problems, forgive each other for past issues, improve communication issues, strengthen friendship, eliminate dysfunctional behavior, resolve conflict, learn new skills, and improve overall relationship satisfaction. Couples who have participated in 8-12 report increased satisfaction and reduced stress in their relationship.

While couples therapy is not for everyone, it does work for many couples. Whether or not therapy is a good fit for a couple depends on their relationship, but almost every couple facing some sort of issue could benefit from it as long as both partners are willing to participate. Going to couples therapy does not guarantee a relationship will last, but it can greatly help couples strengthen bonds and address their problems in a healthy way.

Getting Started With Couples Therapy

If both you and your partner are open to going to therapy, you can then move onto searching for a provider. You can look up couples therapists in your area or receive recommendations from primary care physicians, family doctors, insurance companies, or family members and friends. It’s importantly to ultimately decide on a therapist that both partners feel at-ease with.

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