How Long Does it Take to See a Psychiatrist?

Making the choice to go to psychotherapy isn’t easy, but it can be very beneficial for many people. While starting the journey may be stressful, finding the right psychiatrist for you and getting started with sessions will be worth the wait. For some, this wait is relatively short and seamless; but for others, getting an appointment with a psychiatrist may take longer than expected. So how long should it actually take to see a psychiatrist?

What Does A Psychiatrist Do?

A psychiatrist can diagnose and treat mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, and more with a combination of different techniques and methods. With their deep knowledge of mental health treatment and management, psychiatrists have the expertise to both offer talk therapy and prescribe medications to their patients.

During most first sessions, psychiatrists will evaluate a patient’s medical and psychiatric history to get to know them more and create an effective, individualized treatment plan. This session is usually the longest so the psychiatrist can fully understand who their patient is. They will start by asking general questions about the person’s life, but the conversation should begin to flow and become more organic as the psychiatrist and patient spend more time together.

Over time, psychiatrists and their patients should begin to form a relationship of mutual trust and respect. These connections can help patients become more confident in themselves and their own personal relationships. Also, psychiatrists equip individuals with the tools they need to manage their mental health in the long-run. By regularly attending sessions and taking their medications according to dose, those who see a psychiatrist should begin to notice a positive change in their thoughts, behaviors, and overall outlook on themselves and their lives.

How Long It Takes To See A Psychiatrist

The amount of time it will take to see a psychiatrist ultimately depends on who you choose. Some psychiatrists and offices may take longer than others, depending on a  variety of factors. It is very common for this process to become backed up, potentially because of:

  • Unanswered calls
  • A long waiting list for a specific doctor
  • Lack of assistance or communication
  • Psychiatrist shortages in many areas
  • Doctors not accepting new patients

Because of the factors above and many more, some people may wait as long as a month to see a psychiatrist. In fact, the average waiting time for an introductory psychiatry session in 2014 was 25 days. And in some cases, the psychiatrist someone waits for may not even be the right choice for them. Because of instances like these, more resources were created for individuals who cannot afford to wait a month to receive the psychiatric help they need and deserve.

Getting Quick Psychiatric Care

Some mental health treatment centers are now beginning to offer more immediate options for individuals who are looking to see a psychiatrist. At Elium Health, we have next-day and same-day appointments available at a variety of times to accommodate any schedule. Our team of experienced psychiatrists is always available to answer questions and provide effective treatment. If you’re interested in seeing a psychiatrist, don’t risk waiting several weeks for your first session. Instead, visit us at Elium Health for quick and attentive care. To learn more about psychiatric treatment and our other services, give us a call at 866-552-3758 today.


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