How To Get Someone A Psych Evaluation


Steps to Take If You Think A Loved One Should Be Psychologically Evaluated

People who could benefit from mental health treatment may resist getting a diagnosis and receiving help for a variety of reasons. These reasons may include not knowing they have a mental health condition, not wanting to admit that they need help, or being uncomfortable about starting treatment. But when a mental health disorder begins to get in the way of a person’s life and relationships, it’s important for them to receive a diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible. The sooner someone begins treatment, the more likely they are to recover from their condition. In order to get an accurate treatment plan, an individual with an undiagnosed mental health condition may require what is known as a psychological evaluation.

What Is A Psychological Evaluation?

Psychological evaluations, also known as mental health evaluation, are used to determine if someone has a mental illness like anxiety or depression. They can also help to determine the best type of treatment (a combination of medication, therapy, etc.). These evaluations can be administered by a family doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist in a comfortable environment.

How Psych Evaluations Work

Evaluations typically consist of multiple parts: a few physical exams, as well as verbal and written questionnaires. The results should give the doctor more information about an individual’s mental health history, personal history, thoughts/feelings, cognitive development, physical symptoms, and more. If the doctor or psychologist issues a diagnosis, they will determine next steps and create a treatment plan for their patient.

Getting A Psych Evaluation For Another Person

Typically, patient rights will prevent people from putting others in mental health treatment without their permission. This means that if someone is over 18 years of age, they will have to make the call themselves to get help. However, these laws may depend on the state you live in.

If someone is a physical danger to themselves or others as a result of their mental health condition, call 911 or bring them to the emergency room as soon as possible for immediate care.

While you cannot force someone to get help, you can encourage your loved one to receive a psychological evaluation. You can do this by explaining that you’re worried about them and you want them to be healthy by receiving the type of treatment that will be best for them. Be gentle and non-judgemental, but be stern in expressing that it’s time for them to get the help they need.

If talking to your loved one about getting a psych evaluation isn’t successful, you can raise your concerns with their primary care physician or their therapist if they have one. Their doctor or therapist will then reach out to them about receiving a psychological evaluation.

Psychological Evaluations Near You

The first step to recovering and managing mental illness is to determine the problem. Once someone is diagnosed, they work on establishing a treatment plan and new routine. Treatments for mental health conditions may be done at a hospital, mental health center, rehab facility, or at home. Treatment methods may include prescription medications, one-on-one therapy, support groups, and family therapy if necessary.

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