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Ketamine Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

Elium Health is a certified provider of Spravato® treatment in Philadelphia, an FDA-approved medication for adults suffering with treatment resistant depression. Call today to see if Spravato treatment is right for you.

  • Suicidal Ideation Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

    Welcome to Elium Health, your trusted partner in mental and psychiatric wellness. With four convenient locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area, we’re committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for a variety of mental health conditions. One of our key areas of expertise is our innovative treatment for suicidal ideation, led by Dr. Matthew Sommons, our…

  • The Art of Mind-Wandering: Do Nothing Practices to Stimulate the Default Mode Network

    Improving your brain health is as easy as doing nothing. Learn strategies on improving your Default Mode Network from Elium Health’s CMO

  • Where to Get A Psychiatric Evaluation in Philadelphia, PA

    At Elium Health, we understand that mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being. As a leading provider of comprehensive mental health services in the Philadelphia area, our mission is to help individuals navigate their mental health journeys with compassion and expertise. Our team of experienced professionals conducts thorough psychiatric evaluations, offering a critical…

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