E. Itabiyi

Having practiced for over 25 years as a behavioral health nurse and over 2 years as a psychiatric Nurse practitioner, it has been my pleasure working in various clinical settings as well as with a variety of patients. My various experiences have been of immense assistance in making me a versatile psychiatric nurse practitioner. I have a passion for helping patients get recovery from their psychiatric issues while deploying every tool at my disposal.

For each client I encounter, I ensure that I get to know as much as I possibly can about them. Based on the much information I gather through such interaction; I am able to put together a treatment plan that is acceptable to the client. I am well grounded in the prescribing of medication in the evidence-based management of psychiatric illness. There is diversity in the types of management of psychiatric illness that mimics the diversity in the field of psychiatry. I keep this fact in mind while working out a treatment plan with my clients.

For a client requiring initial psychiatric evaluation, my first step is information gathering in a professional manner. This will guide me in making a proper diagnosis and mutually agreed management plan. Upon arriving at a diagnosis, I educate the client on various management approaches available. Once this is done, I engage the client in a discussion on the approach that is preferred, including medication therapy management. The client is as well assessed for the need for psychotherapy at the initial evaluation, and this is also discussed with the client if required. My clients are usually encouraged to reach out to me at any point they need clarification or have issues with their medication.

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