Benefits of Ketamine Treatment


Could Ketamine Treatment Help You Or A Loved One?

What Is Ketamine Treatment?

Ketamine treatment is used for severe cases of depression when other types of treatment aren’t successful. What started out as an anesthetic for animals in the 1960s is now a commonly-used type of intervention for treatment-resistant depression. This Schedule III non-narcotic substance usually comes in the form of a nasal spray, but is also available in IV and shot form. 

This medication is considered an emergency option for individuals struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts. It is designed to not only help stop destructive thoughts and actions in the moment, but to also curb depression in the long-term. 

Ketamine Treatment: The Positives

The biggest benefit of ketamine is that it can rescue individuals who attempt suicide. Medical representatives will usually keep ketamine on board in ambulances at all times in the case they have to pick up a patient that considered or attempted suicide. Ketamine should always be administered by a medical professional, so it comes with the benefit of around-the-clock care. Individuals who undergo ketamine treatment will have constant access to medical assistance. 

Ketamine has powerful effects against suicidal thoughts and depression, which can help individuals get back to living happy & healthy lives. It also doesn’t slow breathing or heart rate like other anesthetics might, so ketamine does not require patients to be on a ventilator or receive any help with breathing. 

Is Ketamine Treatment Right For You?

Even though it can be dangerous when misused, ketamine can provide substantial relief if used responsibly. If you struggle with depression and haven’t seen results from other antidepressants or depression treatments, it might be time to talk to your doctor about ketamine. You should not take ketamine unless your doctor approves it and prescribes the medication. 

Ketamine treatment usually requires patients to undergo several sessions. After a few sessions, they will begin to feel more like themselves again. Treatment usually costs about $3,000 to $4,000 without insurance, but payment plans and loans are usually available. 

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