Do Mental Health Treatment Centers Accept Geisinger Health Plan in Philadelphia, PA?

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What is Mental Health Insurance Coverage?

Mental health insurance coverage refers to the extent of financial protection provided for mental health services under a specific insurance plan. It is a crucial aspect of healthcare that ensures individuals have access to necessary mental health treatments without facing significant financial burdens. With the increasing recognition of mental health as an essential component of overall wellbeing, many insurance plans now offer coverage for mental health services.


Mental health insurance coverage typically includes a range of services such as therapy and counseling sessions, psychiatric assessments, and medication management. These services may be provided in various settings, including outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers, or inpatient facilities. The coverage often extends to both mental health conditions as well as substance abuse disorders, acknowledging the interconnected nature of mental health and addiction.

The specifics of mental health insurance coverage can vary depending on the insurance provider, policy type, and state regulations. Some plans may require individuals to meet certain criteria, such as a diagnosis or referral from a primary care physician, to qualify for coverage. Additionally, insurance plans may have limitations on the number of therapy sessions allowed per year, medication formularies, or specific networks of providers that policyholders must utilize to receive full coverage benefits.

It is important for individuals to carefully review their insurance policy’s mental health coverage to understand the scope of services covered and any associated costs. Many policies now include mental health parity, which means that insurance coverage for mental health services should be on par with coverage for physical health conditions. However, it is still advisable to verify the details of coverage, such as copayments, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses, to ensure there are no surprises when seeking mental health treatment.

Overall, mental health insurance coverage plays a pivotal role in promoting accessible and affordable mental healthcare. It empowers individuals to seek the help they need and removes financial barriers that might otherwise prevent them from receiving vital mental health services. By understanding the nuances of their mental health insurance coverage, individuals can make informed decisions about their care and embark on a journey towards improved mental wellbeing.


Who is Geisinger Health Plan?

Geisinger Health Plan is an integral part of Geisinger, a comprehensive healthcare delivery and coverage organization. Established in 1972, it initially started as a rural, prepaid health plan offered to employees of Geisinger Medical Center and residents of the surrounding five counties as a pilot program.

Geisinger Health Plan offers a range of health insurance plans tailored to meet the needs of different groups, including individuals, families, and those aged 65 and older. The plan not only provides insurance coverage but also access to exclusive health and wellness programs, online workshops, wellness challenges, and mental health resources.

Their commitment to member satisfaction has been recognized, with Geisinger Health Plan ranking #1 in Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in Pennsylvania for four consecutive years, according to J.D. Power. Furthermore, Geisinger Health Plan extends its coverage services to all eligible Medical Assistance recipients, serving over 500,000 members annually.

The insurance component of the Geisinger Health System, Geisinger Health Plan (GHP), was initiated in 1985 and is headquartered in Danville, Pennsylvania. Altogether, Geisinger Health Plan’s mission aligns with that of the broader Geisinger organization: to enhance health and wellness in their communities through comprehensive care and coverage.

Do Geisinger Health Plan Policies Cover Mental Health treatment in Pennsylvania?

Yes, Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) policies do cover mental health treatment.  GHP has direct contracts with Mental Health providers throughout the state and these behavioral health centers should be credentialed with GHP to see GHP patients. 

These professionals are part of the infrastructure designed to help policyholders take control of these conditions. The coverage includes various treatments and services such as medication management, individual therapy, and group therapy, all aimed at improving the mental health of the insured.

It’s essential to note that Geisinger Health Plan uses medical policies as guidelines for coverage decisions made within the insured individuals’ written benefit documents. Therefore, the specifics of what is covered under an individual’s mental health treatment may vary and should be verified by reviewing the policy details or contacting Geisinger directly.  At Elium Health, we know dealing with health insurance providers can be a struggle. Our team is standing by to help navigate these difficulties. Call us today at 866-552-3758 and we can help understand the levels of your coverage.

What Mental Health Services does Geisinger Health Plan Insurance cover?

Geisinger Health Plan Insurance provides extensive coverage for mental health services, recognizing the crucial role of mental health in overall well-being. The plan’s coverage is designed to support members who are dealing with mental health conditions and help them navigate their path to recovery. 

At Elium Health, we offer a diverse set of mental health services, each meant to help patients with a varying set needs. Let’s delve into these offerings and explore how they may be covered by Geisinger Health Plan insurance policies:

Psych Evaluations

Psych Evaluations

These are assessments used to diagnose mental health conditions. They involve a series of tests and observations conducted by a qualified mental health professional. Geisinger Health Plan covers these evaluations, which can include interviews, symptom inventories, and specific psychological tests. The results of these evaluations can help guide the development of an effective treatment plan.

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Medication Management

Medication Management

This involves the use of medications to treat various mental health conditions. A healthcare professional closely monitors the patient’s medication regimen to ensure its effectiveness and makes necessary adjustments. This approach is commonly used in managing conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, and bipolar disorder.

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Counseling and Therapy

Counseling and Therapy

Many insurance policies include counseling and therapy sessions as part of their coverage plans. It is important to note that the number of sessions covered each year as well as the type of therapy covered can vary depending on the plan.

Individual therapy, also known as psychotherapy or talk therapy, individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions between a therapist and the patient1. It can be used to treat a wide range of mental health conditions by helping individuals understand and manage their symptoms, cope with stress, and make positive changes in their lives.

In group therapy, one or more therapists lead a group of patients in discussions1. This form of therapy can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with similar issues, as it provides an opportunity for peer support and learning from others’ experiences.

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Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapy is a groundbreaking treatment for depression and anxiety. Geisinger Health Plan provides coverage for ketamine therapy, specifically for Spravato (esketamine), a nasal spray used for treating depression in adults who have tried other antidepressant medicines but have not benefited from them. It’s important to note that coverage specifics may vary, and policyholders are advised to check their individual plan details or contact Geisinger directly for more information.

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ADHD Testing

ADHD Testing

ADHD testing involves a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This assessment can include interviews, symptom inventories, and specific psychological tests including the common the Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA®). In some cases, ADHD testing may also involve hearing and eyesight tests, blood tests for lead levels or diseases like thyroid disease, and tests to measure electrical activity in the brain. While there is no single test to diagnose ADHD, the diagnostic evaluation is provided by a qualified mental health care professional and often requires at least two visits for a thorough evaluation. Online self-screening tools are also available, which can be a useful starting point for individuals who suspect they might have ADHD.

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DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Pharmacogenomic testing is a type of genetic testing that predicts a patient’s likelihood to experience an adverse event or not respond to a given drug. Under certain conditions, Geisinger Health Plan covers pharmacogenomic DNA testing. This type of testing can be particularly useful in the field of mental health, as it can help guide treatment decisions and increase the effectiveness of medications for disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

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Treatment Centers that take Geisinger Health Plan insurance in Philadelphia, PA near me

There are numerous mental health centers in the greater Philly area that accept Geisinger Health Plan insurance, each providing a wide range of services to support your mental well-being. Elium Health runs four facilities that offer comprehensive care, including counseling, therapy, medication management, and more. Conveniently located across the Delaware Valley, these centers strive to offer accessible and effective mental health services to all their patients. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or any other mental health condition, these centers can provide the help you need. Stop by today for more information:

All of our Elium Health centers are currently accepting new patients.  At each location, you’ll find a team of highly qualified and compassionate professionals striving to provide the highest standard of personalized mental health care.

Can you get mental health treatment without health insurance?

Yes, it is possible to receive mental health treatment without health insurance. While insurance can make mental health services more accessible and affordable, there are several other options available for those who don’t have coverage. These alternatives often involve community resources, non-profit organizations, or online platforms that aim to make mental health care more accessible to everyone.

Private Pay

Private Pay

This is an option for individuals who can afford to pay out-of-pocket for mental health services and the simplest way to pay. Private pay implies that the client directly compensates the healthcare provider without involving an insurance company. While this method may be costly, it often offers greater flexibility in choosing a provider and more control over the treatment process. Some therapists may offer a sliding scale fee structure for private pay clients, adjusting the rate based on the client’s income. This can make therapy more affordable for those without insurance.

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Many employers offer EAPs as part of their benefits package. These programs provide a variety of services to employees, including short-term counseling and referral services for longer-term treatment. EAPs are designed to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being. This can be an excellent resource for those needing immediate assistance or short-term help. Keep in mind, though, EAPs are not meant to replace long-term therapy or treatment, but they can be a good starting point for finding the help you need.


Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

These are accounts in which you can contribute pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible healthcare expenses, which can include mental health services. HSAs are often paired with high-deductible health plans, while FSAs are typically offered by employers. Both offer the advantage of using pre-tax dollars to pay for therapy, counseling, or psychiatric treatment, effectively reducing the cost of these services. It’s important to check the specific rules for your HSA or FSA, as eligibility for certain services may vary.

Community Health Clinics

Community Health Clinics

Many communities have local health clinics that offer free or low-cost mental health services. These clinics are typically funded by the government or non-profit organizations and provide a range of services including counseling, therapy, and sometimes psychiatric medication management. They may operate on a sliding scale fee system, meaning the cost of the services is adjusted based on your income.

University Training Clinics

University Training Clinics

Many universities with graduate programs in psychology run training clinics where students provide therapy under the supervision of licensed professionals. These clinics often offer services at significantly reduced rates. It’s an excellent way for students to gain practical experience while also providing affordable mental health resources to the community.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

There are numerous non-profit organizations dedicated to providing free or low-cost mental health services. These organizations, such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), offer support groups, education, and resources for individuals struggling with mental health issues. Many also have hotlines that provide immediate assistance.

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Other common questions about Geisinger Health Plan insurance coverage for Mental Health Services

Navigating the complexities of insurance coverage for mental health services can often be a daunting task. With a myriad of plans and varying levels of coverage, it’s important to understand the specifics of your policy with Geisinger Health Plan, and how it applies to mental health treatment. Below are some common questions and answers regarding Geisinger Health Plan insurance coverage for mental health services.

How Much Does Mental Health Treatment Cost With Geisinger Health Plan Insurance?

How Much Does Mental Health Treatment Cost With Geisinger Health Plan Insurance?

The cost of mental health treatment with Geisinger Health Plan insurance greatly depends on your specific plan and what services you need. Some plans may cover a significant portion of the cost, while others may require a higher co-pay or deductible. It’s crucial to review your plan details, have us verify your coverage for you, or contact Geisinger’s customer service for accurate information.

How To Check My Geisinger Health Plan Insurance Coverage Levels for Mental Health Treatment?

How To Check My Geisinger Health Plan Insurance Coverage Levels for Mental Health Treatment?

You can check your coverage levels for mental health treatment by logging into your online account on the Geisinger Health Plan website. Here, you’ll find detailed information about your plan, including coverage levels for various services. Alternatively, you can call Geisinger’s customer service line for assistance.  The easiest option will be to give us a call at 866-552-3758 and let us check the coverage details of your specific Geisinger Health Plan policy.

How To Get Geisinger Health Plan Insurance To Pay For Mental Health Treatment?

How To Get Geisinger Health Plan Insurance To Pay For Mental Health Treatment?

To get Geisinger Health Plan insurance to pay for mental health treatment, you will need to visit an in-network provider or facility. Upon receiving treatment, your provider will submit a claim to Geisinger. Ensure that your provider has accurate insurance information to avoid any delays or issues with the claim. Contact our team today to see if Elium’s services are covered by your Geisinger Health Plan policy.

How Many Times Will Geisinger Health Plan Insurance Pay For Mental Health Treatment?

How Many Times Will Geisinger Health Plan Insurance Pay For Mental Health Treatment?

The number of times Geisinger Health Plan insurance will pay for mental health treatment depends on your specific plan. Some plans may have a limit on the number of covered visits per year, while others may offer unlimited visits. Again, it’s best to review your plan details, let us do it for you, or reach out to Geisinger’s customer service for precise information.

Additional information about mental heath treatment and insurance in Philadelphia

Continue below for additional information about mental health, health insurance, and Philadelphia.

Additional Stats and info about mental health and health insurance

Additional Stats and info about mental health and health insurance

  • According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness ,  20% of adults in the U.S. will experience mental illness each year

  • NAMI also reports that in 2021, less than half of adults in the US with a mental illness actually received treatment.

  • CNN and the Kaiser family foundation published a poll in 2022 that showed 90% of U.S. adults think that we are experiencing a mental health crisis in the United States.

  • FOCUS,  A Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, published a  journal article found that the lack of insurance coverage, stigma, mental health workforce shortage, and geographical challenges are all barriers to people seeking behavioral health care.

  • According to the Commonwealth Fund  “there is ample evidence the Affordable Care Act (ACA) significantly increased insurance coverage in the United States and enhanced access to affordable health services, including mental health”

  • A blog article from Temple University states that “in Philadelphia alone, 46% of adults reported “experiencing poor mental health” at least twelve times over the course of a year

What is Philadelphia known for?

What is Philadelphia known for?

Philadelphia, affectionately referred to as “Philly” by locals, is a city rich in history and culture. It’s most known for being the birthplace of the United States. In this city, our Founding Fathers met, debated, and formed a new country, making Philadelphia a treasure trove of historical landmarks and monuments. One of its most iconic symbols is the Liberty Bell, a historic symbol of American independence.

The city is also known for its vibrant food scene. Undoubtedly, one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of Philadelphia is the Philly Cheesesteak. This famous sandwich, typically made with thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak and melted cheese, has become a culinary emblem for the city. Beyond the cheesesteak, Philadelphia boasts dozens of fine dining restaurants, influenced by the city’s diverse immigrant community.

In addition to its historical and culinary fame, Philadelphia has another nickname – America’s Garden Capital. The city is adorned with lush gardens, adding to its charm. Moreover, Philadelphia is home to famous sports teams like the 76ers, Eagles, Phillies, and the Flyers, further enhancing its reputation.

As we expand our view to the greater metro area and the Delaware Valley, the lush greenery continues. The region is known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor recreational activities. Moreover, the Delaware Valley is a significant economic hub, with various industries contributing to its robust economy.

In summary, Philadelphia is a city of brotherly love, known for its rich history, delicious food, lush gardens, and vibrant sports scene. Its influence extends to the greater metro area and the Delaware Valley, making it a significant cultural, historical, and economic region.

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