How Ketamine Treatment Can Help People With Severe Depression


Are antidepressants and other treatment methods not cutting it? Do you require something more powerful and immediate to relieve symptoms of depression? If so, you might benefit from ketamine treatment. This emerging alternative treatment has the potential to not only relieve depression in the moment, but to prevent depressive thoughts and actions in the future. 

What Is Ketamine Treatment?

Up to one third of people who struggle with depression do not respond to traditional treatment, such as antidepressant medication and talk therapy. Ketamine treatment, otherwise known as ketamine therapy, is designed to help those individuals relieve depression symptoms. 

A person is eligible to receive ketamine treatment if their depression does not respond to two or more traditional methods. This type of treatment is only used in major cases of depression. 

Ketamine Therapy: How It Works

Not all ketamine therapy is approved by the FDA for depression treatment with exception to Esketamine (SPRAVATO) treatment , there are not many medical studies behind this method. However, there is a general understanding of how the treatment works and what it entails. 

There are two main types of ketamine treatment: 

  • Racemic Ketamine – an infusion into the bloodstream
  • Esketamine (brand name: Spravato) – a nasal spray

Racemic ketamine is more common and currently has more research behind it than esketamine. A person who gets racemic ketamine can expect to receive about six infusions over the course of two to three weeks if they have responded positively to the treatment. They will usually respond to treatment after about one to three infusions. 

The first racemic ketamine infusion session should last about 40 minutes or so. During the treatment, patients are encouraged to listen to music and to try to relax as much as possible. Patients should be monitored for 20-30 minutes after treatment and are free to leave after that. 

How Ketamine Can Treat Depression

Ketamine infusions & Esketamine have the ability to relieve symptoms of depression (including numbness, lethargy, and fatigue) and reduce suicidal thoughts or actions. This alternative treatment works much more quickly than other depression treatment methods and can start to relieve symptoms about 24 hours after the first injection. Ketamine may also be successful in treating cases of depression that are combined with anxiety disorders. 

Ketamine Therapy Centers Near You

Now that you know how ketamine could help, the next step is finding somewhere that offers this type of treatment. Many medical centers, mental health treatment facilities, and inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation establishments are beginning to offer ketamine as a treatment option for severe depression. Specialists will usually turn to this option if other treatment methods have proven to be unsuccessful. 

If you think that ketamine treatment could benefit you or someone you care about, talk to your doctor about your options. They will talk with you and try to understand your condition so they can determine if this treatment method is right for you. Once your doctor or therapist approves ketamine treatment, you can start looking for the right facility.

At Elium Health, we offer ketamine therapy for individuals suffering with serious cases of depression. We safely, quickly, and efficiently administer this treatment for individuals in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas in PA. Talk to our team of specialists about our ketamine treatment offerings today – give us a call at (215) 714-6027 or visit for more information. 


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