The Cost of a Psychological Evaluation


How Much Does It Cost For Someone to Receive A Psychological Assessment?

The Purpose of a Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations are used to diagnose illnesses that have an impact on our memory, behavior, and thought processes. These conditions include ADHD, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, dementia, bipolar, head trauma, substance abuse disorders, personality disorders, schizophrenia, learning disabilities, and more. Since a majority of these illnesses are internal and affect the brain, it is usually hard to recognize and diagnose these kinds of conditions. 

These evaluations make it easier to not only diagnose these diseases, but determine the extent of them. When psychologists understand how severe a condition is, they are more likely to be able to create a treatment plan that is suited to their needs. By conducting psychological evaluations, psychologists are also able to learn more about their patients and get a better idea of what they are going through.

Who Benefits From Psychological Assessments?

Of course, psychologists aren’t the only ones who learn something through psychological evaluations. Patients and their families will have an opportunity to understand the condition they are dealing with and take the next steps toward feeling happy and healthy. 

Psychological assessments are especially helpful for:
  • People who are struggling with their mental health
  • Children who have behavioral issues
  • Children who can’t express their feelings
  • Individuals who are having issues at school or work
  • Those experiencing changes in mood or behavior
  • Individuals experiencing unexplained memory loss
  • People who have had strokes in the past

The process of a psychological assessment allows patients to take control of their condition and understand why they are struggling in order to get better. 

How A Psychological Assessment Works

A psychological assessment is essentially made up of structured standardized tests, questionnaires, and interviews. It involves several rounds of testing that use a combination of techniques. The techniques that are used vary based on the type of evaluation that a person requires. Before the assessment, psychologists will arrange a full medical examination to determine if an individual has any preexisting conditions or potential co-occurring disorders. 

After the exam, the psychologist will conduct a 30-60 minute interview with their patient. This gives the patient the chance to talk about their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and any issues. Once the interview is complete, testing can officially begin. These assessments must be completed in an approved environment and can be administered at therapy centers, impatient units, nursing homes, emergency departments, prisons, and outpatient rehabilitation facilities. 

How Much Does A Psych Evaluation Cost?

The cost of psych evaluations vary by the office or psychologist that is offering the service. Professionals will usually set their own prices based on the area they’re in, their experience, and how long the test will take. Those with more complicated conditions will likely require more sessions and one-on-one time with the psychologist. The more sessions and interactions that are needed, the more the overall evaluation will cost. Psychologists usually charge a flat hourly rate for psych evaluations. Some will set a retainer cost and add extra expenses if more services are needed. These additional costs could include follow-up sessions or medication.

The age of the patient can also affect cost in some cases. For example, it is usually cheaper for children under 4 years old to receive a psychological evaluation than it is for older kids. 

The total cost of full psychological assessments can be anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000. If you only want a partial assessment instead of a full one, that would range from about $600 to $1,500. An average session costs about $125 to $200 an hour, but sessions can last several hours and more than one is usually required. A portion of the fee will typically be due at the initial intake, and the rest of it will be due as sessions are completed. 

Affording A Psychological Assessment & Treatment

Even though the costs above may sound a little steep, there are many ways to afford a psychological assessment. Firstly, your insurance might cover an evaluation or treatment for certain conditions. Even if it doesn’t cover the cost of assessments, insurance may offer assistance with therapy, medication, and other types of treatment. 

Certain psychologists or centers may also offer payment plans that allow a patient to pay in small installments over an extended period of time. They might even offer loans for qualified applicants. If you’re interested in getting a psychological evaluation for yourself or your child but don’t know if you’d be able to afford it, contact psychologists in your area to see how they could help. Comparing prices will help you decide on the best option for you. 

At Elium Health, we offer psychological evaluations as well as treatment plans for individuals struggling with a variety of mental health conditions. If you have questions about the cost of psychological assessments or your payment options, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of dedicated mental health treatment specialists. Give us a call at (215) 714-6027 or send us an email at to learn more. 


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